Friday, March 05, 2010

Who Can Really Act?

There are certain times when I watch a TV show and think, "That guy is just playing himself." If it's a really famous person then they might tailor the role so that no one knows that the person can't act. They make sure they have perfect hair and put them in breeches or whatever they need for the time period so that the costume does most of the acting. Occasionally they might even give the character on the show the same name as the actor just so they don't have to remember when they are "in character" and when they aren't.

This has got me thinking about who can really act and who really can't. I've heard that Kelly Bishop (Emily Gilmore) and Liza Weil (Paris from Gilmore Girls) are both really nice in real person. This means that they really can act because their characters are just plain not nice. It would be a lot of fun to really play roles where you got to be as evil as you wanted. In your opinion who can really act and who can't?

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