Friday, June 26, 2009

Everything is Illuminated

I was going to wait to watch the movie "Everything is Illuminated" until after I read the book. Actually, I didn't know the movie existed, but I was going to read the Jonathan Safran Foer book. I usually read the books first. If I go to a movie with someone who says "The book was better" I can argue the other side even though my friend was right. I'm a good person that way.

Then I saw the movie at the library. It had sunflowers on the cover. I just couldn't wait to watch it. This movie is stunning. It's about an American Jew who goes to the Ukraine in search of his past. Jonathan is a collector. He picks up odd pieces of people's lives like jewelry, rocks, dentures and then seals them in ziploc bags. He puts them on a wall under the person's picture. It made me wonder if my collection would have a diet pill, books, or my cell phone from 1999. Granted, there was one moment with a ring that was supposed to be sentimental but reminded me a little bit of Lord of the Rings. I will now be reading the book & every other book Jonathan Safran Foer has written or will write.

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  1. I love this movie so much. But I kind of wish I'd read the book first because I seem to lose motivation to do so after I've seen movies. We almost named our cat Sammy Davis Jr. Jr. Jr. :)