Saturday, May 02, 2009


I was expecting the ABC comedy Cupid to be awesome. It's about a guy who may or may not be mentally ill who thinks he's the God of love, literally. I'll admit that I started watching this show because Bobby Cannavale was in it. He was also the reason I watched Third Watch. I could listen to that man talk about anything, I don't care what: meteorology, atro phex, even math. Just so long as he's on the screen.

Cupid has to bring 100 couples together so he can go back to Mount Olympus. Of course there is a cute, but meddling, psychologist thrown into the mix. So, the most attractive guy in the planet is on the show, the storyline is great. What's the problem? It's boring. Incredibly boring. I bet you that they axe Better off Ted & keep this one because ABC makes bad choices that way.

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  1. If they cancel Better Off Ted, I'm swearing off ABC forever. They cancel every show I like.