Monday, January 09, 2012

Who Do You Miss The Most?

I was surprised to see new judges, hosts, and mentors for Project Runway: All Stars. Since we're using designers we've seen before why did we have to change a formula that was obviously working? I guess I shouldn't say "we" because if I had been a decison maker there would be an obviously different outcome.

I miss Tim Gunn the most. The work room just seems so cold and choatic without him. I did read this interview with Tim. I guess the two seasons were running at the same time with the thinking that people could just run back and forth between the sets but Tim said it would've been too looney. I guess there isn't that much downtime to kick back with an e reader. He said he doesn't even take his phone to the set. I'm also excited to see him on his new show The Revolution.

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