Tuesday, May 25, 2010

To Keep Zune Pass or Not to Keep Zune Pass

I'm trying to figure out if I use my Zune enough to justify keeping the Zune pass. I'm just afraid that Suze Orman will come out of nowhere and yell at me. However, I'd yell back at her that it's a really great deal. I get all the music I want for $15 a month, plus 10 free downloads. However is it a need? I doubt it.

Usually when I'm on my computer reading, working or looking up a 7-dfbx review I can just listen to Pandora. I only need the Zune when I'm driving or hiking. The thing is that I don't lie to take my Zune hiking because it's so expensive and I don't want to introduce it to a waterfall. Plus, I really don't have the time to constantly be downloading, deleting, and finding new music. At the same time, I need it. This is why free trials are dangerous.

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