Friday, February 12, 2010

Olympic Confessions

I'll admit that I really haven't watched the Olympics since the good old Nancy Kerrigan days. Then the sport just seemed to be taken over by really young teenagers who made me feel old so I stopped watching. Then there were all the scandals and I was like "Whatever happened to the happiness of the whole world coming together?" I'm just not much of a sports fan. I don't even know if the Olympians are allowed to take a men's vitamin or not. I do however, tune in for the opening ceremonies simply because it's really pretty to watch.

My second favorite part of the Olympics are the random profiles they do of athletes we've never heard of from different countries. Their inspiring stories always make me cry. They usually just randomly toss these in-betweens the events but I really wish that they would put them altogether so I could watch them straight through. So to recap, I watch the Olympics because it's pretty not because I understand sports. Do you watch and if so why?

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