Wednesday, January 06, 2010


At first I was torn about whether to watch the "All About Aniston" marathon on Lifetime. I've always like the character Rachel from "Friends" but I am ambivalent towards Jennifer Aniston. During a lot of her movies I think about having copper tile installed so I have something interesting to look at.

I was thrown for a loop with the 2005 movie Derailed. At first I thought "Umm... Are you sure this is an Aniston movie? There is nothing here marked romantic comedy." It was a totally different genre for Jenn so it was worth watching. Overall I think her star power made the film, otherwise it would have been too much like a made for TV movie. Halfway through the suspense/thriller/drama I figured out the suspensful part and went back to being bored. It was just really intriguing to see Jennifer totally breka out from the Rachel mold.

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