Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I Didn't Miss TV

Earlier in the summer I was almost in tears when I found out that my current apartment had about the worst cable plan in existence available because I live in a rural area. I pay just as much as I used to but only get half of the channels. I recently went home for a visit and was like "Ahhh, look, it's all of my stories." I spent a few days watching shows like Flipping Out and Bridezillas. I tried to pick shows that I could easily catch up on without having missed an intricate plot line. Reality TV is good for that.

When I left off with these shows, people were screaming. When I came back, people were screaming. What I found out was that I really hadn't missed reality TV as much as I thought I did. I barely even glanced at the Hills and the City. These shows that I used to be so caught up in and devote hours to every week are now less interesting to me than safety products. Instead, I had been busy with my own thoughts and books instead of constantly watching other people live in a non realistic world that they call reality. I feel much better about my "basic" cable plan now. I sure am glad that hulu airs "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" I'd probably have to move if I couldn't get that one.

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