Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Elvis and Anabelle

No, I didn't spell Anabelle wrong, I checked.l In fact I had to mess up my correct spelling of Annabelle to get the title right. This movie was on the Lifetime channel and I was pleasantly surprised with it. Usually Lifetime movies focus on the same theme of abused women seeking revenge on their husbands or women being stalked and then seeking revenge. While those are both noteworthy topics I've seen the same plot a hundred times at least.

This movie centers around a mortician who kisses a dead beauty queen who he is about to embalm and then he brings her back to life. It's not your typical romantic comedy or your typical drama. It's a more depressing version of Cinderella. I'm not saying to go out and rent it if you can find it, but if it's on TV it's a lot better than all of the other made for TV movies out there.

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