Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Dating in the Dark

I said I wasn't going to watch the ABC show "Dating in the Dark" then I did. I'm not much for social experiments, they usually makes me nauseous. The show was so captivating I just had to watch it. The premise is that three men and three women are put into a room together to get to know each other, but it's completely dark. They can go on individual dates with each other over a series of days. They also have to date their scientific match regularly as determined by a 50 page quiz. Throughout their courtship they aren't allowed to see each other. A sketch artist even comes in to draw what the subjects think their companions look like. In the episode I saw each of the 6 people wanted to be with their scientific match. The guys who were the most attractive and probably would've had the best luck had the lights been on were left alone. It was heartbreaking when the lights were turned on because they had formed bonds and were now faced with reality. The couples could finally see each other and had to decide whether they'd be together or leave the other person standing on the balcony.

I have come up with this formula. If you have one really hot person and one not so hot person in this experiment they will end up together because the hot person is fascinated that someone finds something in them besides their looks and the not so hot person gets to be with someone really hot. However, if you have two average people, one of the people (in this case usually the girl) will think she looks better than she actually does. She will then leave the equally hot person because he is not as hot as she thinks she deserves. We all say that looks don't matter or they aren't the defining factor but "Dating in the Dark" proves otherwise.

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