Saturday, June 20, 2009

Jon & Kate's Announcement

The preview for next week's Jon & Kate Plus 8 has Kate saying they are at a crossroads. She continues on that they are going to make a decision that will effect every member of the family and hopefully bring them peace. The TV Guide preview says

Jon and Kate make an announcement about their future that will impact every member of their family.

Within hours of it airing every news stations on my TV was reporting that Jon & Kate were going to announce their divorce on Monday's show or at the very least a separation. While this seems the obvious choice for their highly publicized marital troubles, maybe they are announcing that:

  • They are going to Disneyland...again.
  • They are deeply in love.
  • Jon & Kate are moving into a therapist's office and not coming out until it's all better.
  • All of their kids are getting new shoes.

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