Thursday, June 06, 2013

Netflix is Right

Once again the "Top 10 for Sara" portion of Instant Watch has been right. I would say that about 3 out of 10 shows it recommends are something that either I haven't seen before, or that I really like. Right now it's saying that I would love "Say Yes to the Dress" and "Say Yes to the Dress Atlanta". I don't know why my other viewing habits would indicate this. The other three selections are usually something I would never pick for myself. I usually scoff at it. I even try to watch a few minutes of it and then turn it off. I did this with the show Raising Hope. I thought it would be like "My Name is Earl" for some reason which isn't my favorite show. However, it's a show that I find so funny that I have to really ration the episodes and so I don’t watch it all at once. Is the "top 10" section of Netflix accurate for you and do you heed its’ suggestions?

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