Monday, August 06, 2012

I, Caveman Review

Ok I will pretty much watch anything with Morgan Spurlock in it. He makes me care about things that I would never otherwise care about. He does things that I would never do. I was surprised that he was on the Discovery channel though. I really liked the special “I, Caveman” where they see if modern people can survive as their ancestors did.

My biggest reaction was trying to watch them kill animals in such brutal ways with rocks or spears. They did bring down an elk and it was traumatic for the whole party, even the hunter. It was traumatic to watch as well when something dies in such a brutal way. They did have a message at the end that no animals suffered longer than necessary and they paid attention to the fishing and game laws but it just seemed too brutal. I'm glad it's not on every week because it's too hard to watch.

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