Tuesday, May 18, 2010

How Pop Culture Effects Baby Names

I love lists whether it's a list of car insurance companies or the top baby names. I've always been a little bit grateful that I was given somewhat of a classic name even if it is very common. I really found this article about the top baby names fascinating. Emma seemed to really be a popular baby name ever since Ross & Rachel chose it on Friends. Sure Miley or Jonas could be considered cute but how will these kids feel about them in say 18 years? (I said could be, not that I thought they were)

The listings seem to really have been effected by Twilight and politics this year. I guess Edward and Jacob are common enough that embarrassed parents won't have to explain how they were named after a vampire book. The top name for girls ringing in at 22,000 is Isabella which could also be influenced by Twilight. However, I kind of remember that this was one of the choices that Ross & Rachel were considering as well.

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