Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Men Who Stare At Goats Review

I don't really remember who recommended this movie. In fact I don't even remember why I don't rate movies on my tiara system anymore. I guess I just couldn't be objective. It seemed like everything got 5 tiaras for awhile just because I really love looking at sparkly things. I really wasn't expecting to like this movie although I had heard good things about it. Usually anything that even borders on a dark comedy or even tries to make a comedy out of something that shouldn’t be funny such as war, or the Gulf Coast Jones Act I don't like. I already feel bad about laughing at enough things that I shouldn't, I'm sarcastic after all. However, I really enjoyed this movie. Although one of my pet peeves is that when someone like George Clooney is in a movie they should look pretty, no matter what part they are playing but I forgive them...this time.

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