Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Is Julia Stiles on Parenthood?

This was a common mistake that I made last night. Thank goodness for the internet where people can find the latest up to date information whether it's for a hemorrhoid treatment or just who an actress in a tv show is. I can see that a lot of other people have been asking this question in the search engines as well. No, it’s just a girl named Erika Christensen who looks/talks/ and acts exactly like Julia Stiles. It’s even more confusing that her character on Parenthood is named Julia. It’s a common mistake that is embarrassing once you figure it out but at least other people are making it too.

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  1. She does look a bit like Julia Stiles but that is not why I thought she looked familar when I watched it. I found out that she played in the movie Leave It To Beaver, which I own and is this movie right here She played Karen