Wednesday, February 03, 2010

My Life in Ruins

I haven't watched a "Nia Vardalos" movie since "My Big Fat Green Wedding". Granted, I liked the movie, I liked it a lot. I just didn't feel that her subsequent films were portraying her well so I skipped them. I'd rather spend my time in front of the TV with a Nintendo Wii then invest two hours in a movie that I don't think is going to pay off.

However, when she decided to return to her Greek heritage with this movie, I decided to return to her movies. I really don’t have a lot of hope for most romantic comedies. It's one of the genres that I usually avoid. However, this one was actually funny...well funnier than most. Maybe it was just that I was expecting the movie to be terrible. I mean it's not going to go down in history as one of the best movies ever made, but for the type of film it is, it was clever and engaging. So, not the greatest movie ever but I was pleasantly surprised.

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