Thursday, January 14, 2010

Kate Gosselin's New Show

Yesterday the news was all abuzz with a possible new show for Kate Gosselin. I've accepted that she will be back on TV. I'm ok with that. Supposedly the idea behind the untitled show will be featured around Kate trying different jobs. I know that they are throwing around a lot of ideas right now and nothing is set in stone. This is why I think that it's absolutely perfect timing for me to step in and say "I don't want to see this show. Make it about something else please." Here is why:
  • This concept is reminiscent of the Simple Life.
  • I think that New York girl also had a show like this.
  • It's not what Kate does best.
  • It's not what America wants to see. She's a supposed reality star. Do we really think that she's trying out these jobs? Really the only thing that is believable for Kate Gosselin is that her job is as a reality star. Why can't they showcase that?
I understand that there may be conflict filming the kids and she probably can't discuss her divorce so those ideas are out. I understand that we will probably see some watered down version of her life but I'm ok with that. Kate is a mom who isn't afraid to use her voice and portray herself as a strong woman. No, I'm not Kate's biggest fan or even a fan but just let Kate be Kate. She inspires women to have spiky hair and to look their best. Women want to look like her whether it means diet pills or exercise. (I know Kate says she works out really early every morning and I admire that). I want to see Kate in real life. We've already seen enough of her pretending.

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