Friday, October 16, 2009

Glory Road

I rented a movie that I thought was new but was actually just new to the library. By rented I mean “checked out using my library card because my town is so small that t doesn't have a video store” Anyways, I got to see previews of new movies that were actually old. One of them was called Glory Road.

It's a fantastic, fantastic movie about the Texas Western team with the first all black starting line up in college basketball history. See how I said fantastic twice? It's just that good. The team went on to win the NCAA championship and man will it make you cry. I hope that everyone who made the movie, watched the movie or inspired the movie was so hugely succesful that they all need private placement memorandum services. Also, Jon Voight was in it as the coach of the opposing team and as usual he was slightly evil. I wonder if Jon Voight ever wakes up and says”‘Maybe I don't want to be the super evil guy in movies. I kind of just want to go skip around and hold hands." So it's an old movie (2006), but it was new to me and definitely worth watching.

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