Saturday, July 04, 2009

The Twilight Zone Scares Me

I commented to my mother that I find The Twilight Zone terrifying & fascinating. She remembers the show from her childhood & probably watched it on proper tv stands instead of the nightstand my TV is sitting on. Sci-Fi is celebrating 50 years of Twilight Zone, so I'm watching it all weekend and being creeped out all weekend. I'm generally not scared by many movies, but this show is in black & white.

I've seen movies with ghosts and zombies and not blinked an eye. There's just something so surreal about people in suits and classy dresses who get into these situations where their glasses break in an isolated world full of books or the mannequin comes alive. I don't know if the show is meant to be thrilling or scary. Am I the only one frightened by it?

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