Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Pandora channels that just don't work

Overall I love Pandora. I have way too many radio stations over there. It doesn't have a lot of ads maybe one or two an hour about Medicare supplement insurance or deodorant. There are a few bands that I've tried to create radio stations for but it's never worked. Pandora matches them with music that I guess could relate but really isn't my thing. So I give all the songs thumbs down except the ones that are actually by the artist I originally put in. Here are a few of my Pandora radio stations that haven't been successful.

The Mountain Goats. It comes up with a lot of indie folk music, but none of it as good as my beloved Mountain Goats.

Amanda Palmer. Again, there's no one else like her so it's hard to match music with her style. Everything that comes after Amanda Palmer always sounds bad because she's so brilliant.

Tom Waits. See the Amanda explanation.

What are your Pandora channels that just don't work?

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